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CM Garmindo
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Clothing CM Garmindo Makes

Because our company is quite large, and we have a variety of capabilities, we often get asked what clothing CM Garmindo makes. In this post, we'll cover the styles of clothing we design and manufacture. Of course you could just slide on over to our Portfolio page or our [...]

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Best Clothing Manufacturers in Bali

Finding the best clothing manufacturers in Bali can be a daunting task. As we covered in a previous post, most clothing manufacturers in Bali are "informal" businesses, they're not tax-regsitered, and often they use unethical business practices like hiring home-sewers to avoid paying proper salaries or benefits. It can [...]

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How Much Does It Cost to Make Clothing

When clients ask us, "how much does it cost to make clothing", we know there's no simple answer. That's like asking "how much does it cost to make food". There isn't one cost to make a garment given how many variables and activities we need to consider. Should we [...]

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Bali Clothing Manufacturers

Bali clothing manufacturers come in all shapes and sizes. But what you may not know is, most clothing manufacturers in Bali are "informal" businesses. There are only a few properly structured and taxed companies. Let's explore what the garment manufacturing landscape looks like in Bali. Bali Clothing Manufacturers: The [...]

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Recycled Fabric Clothing Manufacturers

There are a few different types of recycled fabric clothing manufacturers in the world. And as you'll learn in this post, most of them are in the activewear, outerwear, and swimwear sectors. That's because of the nature of the garments this part of our industry produces. Recycled Fabric Clothing [...]

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Swimwear Fabric Manufacturers

We often receive enquiries about swimwear fabric manufacturers, or bikni and swimsuit fabric manufacturers. But what clients later realise is, the type of company they're looking for isn't what they think it is. We've highlighted a couple of differences in this post. Swimwear Fabric Manufacturers: Lost in Translation Many [...]

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