Proud partner of

Bali Children’s Foundation

The Bali Children’s Foundation works in disadvantaged communities across Bali and nearby islands to empower local residents economically and societally by developing and deploying both education and employment opportunities.

It was the BCF’s work with children that drew us to their mission. Educating children is the cornerstone of developing young leaders.

C.M. Garmindo’s work with the BCF involves the building or renovation of school libraries, purchase of new books and laptops for classes, development of literacy and language learning programs with a focus on Environmental Studies, S.T.E.M Learning, and Computer Literacy. This is for years 2 and up.

In 2024, C.M. Garmindo will sponsor 10 young girls through their high school years as we develop their preparedness for university and future careers.

The photos below show some of C.M. Garmindo’s work with the Bali Children’s Foundation as well as other work they do.

If you’d like to support the Bali Children’s Foundation, please click the link below to visit their website directly. Or you can work through C.M. Garmindo and we can coordinate on your behalf. We will always ensure all communications are handled transparently.

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