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The ultimate customisation to your brand. Our certified components are world-class.


Get custom branded drawstrings for your board shorts, hoodies, swim shorts, and track pants; we’ve got an amazing array of options. Including recycled drawstrings!


Drawstring Tips

Express your style with CM Garmindo’s custom drawstring tips made with ABS, dipped, metal, and even printed options. Everything is customisable.



All of our YKK™ zippers can be made from recycled Natulon® which are recycled post-consumer waste and recycled PET bottles. Or from standard materials. Simply let us know what your preference is. And all of our zippers can be made in any of the following colours.
  • Coil zippers are suitable for dresses, kids sleepwear, shorts, trousers, and pocket closures.
  • Concealed zippers are suitable for dresses, skirts, and maternity wear tops.
  • Heavy duty, with our metal zippers, you can show off your style by adding custom branded pullers.
  • Lighter than metal, our YKK Vislon® zippers are mainly used for swimwear.


Available Colours For ZIPPERS


Our most popular buttons are the ones made of coconut, metal (custom branded), plastic (custom branded), resin, shell, and wood. But there’s so many more, just ask us and we’ll help you choose.

Snapets Metal

Verified by Intertek, our YKK™ Snapets® are perfect for babywear and pass safety inspections which is mandatory for babywear brands in the USA. They can also be custom designed with your branding.


Available Colours

Snaps Plastic

Our plastic snaps are highly durable, can be dry-cleaned, and come in a wide range of colours.


Available Colours

Swan Hooks

Mainly used in swimwear manufacturing, our swan hooks are perfect for back closures or for removable straps. Ours come in two colour options. And they’re tested for use in chlorine and salt water.

Rings and Sliders

Any garment that needs an adjustable strap needs a ring and slider. Ours come in five colour options. And they’re tested for use in chlorine and salt water.


Metal clasps are synonymous with luxury swimwear, and we’ve got top quality clasps that come in gold and silver.


Used to strengthen drawstring holes or as a drainage hole in board shorts and swim shorts pockets, our eyelets come in antique brass and silver.

O Rings

Our gold and silver o-rings are perfect for adding that stylish touch to your swimwear. They’re tested for use in chlorine and salt water.

O Ring Coconut Resin

Mostly used for swimwear, these o-rings come in two options; coconut or resin.


If you’re looking for a decorative touch for your bikinis, dresses, and ladieswear, our stoppers are the perfect addition. They’re tested for use in chlorine and salt water.

Buckle LoopHook Adjusters

Perfect for overalls, our metal buckle and Loop-Hook Adjusters are high quality with tension resistance and come in two colours; antique brass and silver.

Press Studs

To fasten a pocket flap on shorts or trousers, consider using our YKK™ press studs to ensure a secure and durable closure.


Woven Labels

These are the most common woven label types that our clients love using. Often made of Cotton, Polyester, or Satin. Customise ours for your brand. Or send us your own types.

Hang Tags

Use recycled cardstock or choose from dozens of other options. We can make almost any type of tag in almost any shape. Customise our tags for your brand or send us your own designs for a fully customised experience.

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