Best solution for brands who want an out of the box fashion line now.

  • Pay less for premium quality without designing anything.

  • Start small at only 60 pieces per order.

3 Easy Steps to Start Fast

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Lianne Dennis, Production Director

Is overproducing draining your budget?

We get it. You don’t want tons of stock.

Our MOQ is designed to help you start small and save money.

Minimum Order Quantity

  • 20 pieces per colour/print at 5 pieces per size

  • 60 pieces total collection

“Perfect for start-ups!”

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Common Questions

The easiest way to describe our Private Label manufacturing is, it’s like a make your own pizza. We’ve already designed the cut, fit, and measurements of hundreds of garments; this is like the pizza’s shape and size which is preset. And like choosing all the ingredients on the pizza to “make it your own”, you get to choose the fabrics and components you want, you get to choose the colours of the fabrics and components you want, we add your embroidery and print designs, and we custom make your labels and tags. The only thing we don’t alter is the cut, fit, and measurements. If you’d like to have full control of the cut, fit, and measurements of your garments, then head on over to our Custom Design page.

  1. Our prices are on average a couple of dollars less than our main competitors, which helps you save money now.
  2. Our MOQ is much lower than our main competitors, which means you don’t have to stock so much clothing. Also making less clothing costs less.
  3. Our cut, fit, and measurements are already tested and fit right for most consumer markets around the world. Our adult’s fit like Nike and our children’s fit like Gap Kids. Of course, this can’t fit everyone but we’re slowly growing our selections.

We love our natural environment! This is why our fabric samples are custom made-to-order. Premaking thousands of colour swatch books only to throw half of them out next season when colours go out of style is so wasteful! Our fabric booklets are made of recycled card stock, and start empty. Only when you’ve zeroed in on a handful of options you really want, then we’ll custom order those swatches and prepare your booklets for you. Ta-da! More environment-friendly, right!

To order our fabric booklets, here’s what you do.

  1. Visit our Fabrics page here.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the fabric booklet size you want.
  3. Then click on fabrics you want to sample.
  4. After you complete that, one of our Client Services team will contact you to verify your selection.

The manufacturing prices inside our catalogues are indicative. They’re calculated on the price of a roll of fabric. Your exact costs will depend on the total quantity of garments we make for you. The good news is, you can receive quotes before you get started. Simply download our catalogues, and in the email you recieve with your download link, you’ll also be able to download our PL Form. Fill in your PL Form and send it back to us to receive your accurate manufacturing costs.

Great news! We have an amazing Custom Design service. You can work with our expert Technical Designers to bring your ideas to life. Check out our Custom Design service here.

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