Clothing CM Garmindo Makes

Because our company is quite large, and we have a variety of capabilities, we often get asked what clothing CM Garmindo makes. In this post, we’ll cover the styles of clothing we design and manufacture.

Of course you could just slide on over to our Portfolio page or our Instagram account but we can’t post examples of every client we work for. More on that down below!

What Clothing CM Garmindo Makes: Shortlist

      • adult’s & children’s swimwear

      • adult’s & children’s leisurewear basics (ex: hoodies, sweatshirts, track pants, t-shirts, polos, etc.)

      • adult’s & children’s resort wear basics (ex: light dresses, Linen clothing, kimonos, button-shirts, scarves, etc.)

      • adult’s & children’s sleepwear (ex: natural fabric pyjamas, loungewear bottoms + tops, flannels, etc.)

      • adult’s & children’s hats (bucket hats and beach hats)

      • adult’s & children’s socks (ex: active, ankle, and work)

      • most types of babywear ages NB to 24 months

    Bali Swimwear Manufacturer

    Swimwear is one of our specialties. With access to recycled swimwear fabrics such as VITA made from Econyl’s regenerated nylon yarns, we’re one of the top swimwear manufacturers in Bali.

    We design and manufacture:

        • Two-piece Bikini Sets

        • Bandeau Bikinis

        • Board Shorts

        • Rashguards

        • Swim Briefs

        • Swimsuits

        • Swim Shorts

      Bali Leisurewear Manufacturer

      With our new adult Private Label leisurewear catalogue, we’re thrilled to introduce the best quality leisurewear in Bali. Check out our catalogue here.

      With a wide selection of leisurewear basics made from high quality certified organic fabrics, our clients get the best fitting custom clothing for their brands.

      We design and manufactutre:

          • Hoodies

          • Long Sleeve tShirts

          • Polos

          • Raglan Sleeve Hoodies

          • Raglan Sleeve Sweatshirts

          • Raglan Sleeve tShirts

          • Sweatshirts

          • Track Pants

          • Track Shorts

          • tShirts

          • Oversized versions of each category

        Bali Resort Wear Manufacturer

        Resort wear is ubiquitous here in Bali; this is a resort island afterall. With gorgeous natural fabrics such as Linen, Rayon Viscose, Hemp, Cotton Poplin, Broderie Anglaise, what clothing CM Garmindo makes is a truly long list.

        We design and manufacture:

            • Bowler Shirts

            • Button-up shirts

            • Kaftans and Kimonos

            • Linen Pants and Shirts

            • Linen Shorts and Skirts

            • Mini Dresses including Summer Dresses

            • Midi Dresses including Boho-inspired Beachwear

            • Maxi Dresses including Casual Dresses

            • Scarves and Wraps

          Bali Children’s Clothing Manufacturer

          Baby clothing, children’s clothing, and kids clothing is our biggest garment manufacturing department. Our natural and organic fabrics, along with OEKO-Tex and GOTS certified printing, and natural plant-based dyeing is unbeatable.

          Having the longest-standing experience in Bali’s children’s clothing market, if you really want to know what clothing CM Garmindo makes, this is a big part of it.

          We design and manufacture:

              • Baby Bloomers

              • Baby Onesies

              • Baby Rompers

              • Baby Sleepwear

              • Children’s Overalls

              • Children’s Swimwear

              • Girls Dresses

              • Girls Pinafore Dresses

              • Grow Bags

              • Kids Bucket and Beach Hats

              • Kids Shirts

              • Kids Shorts

              • Kids Swimwear

              • Kids Sweatshirts

              • Kids Zip-up Hoodies

            Bali Sleepwear Manufacturer (Loungewear Manufacturer)

            With sleepwear we can go two different ways. Either short or long. Jersey or woven. Light and cool. Heavy and warm. Whatever you fancy, the sleepwear garments we manufacture are super compfy and durable.

            We design and manufacture:

                • Babydoll Sleepwear

                • Bedtime Oversized tShirts

                • Camisole / Cami Sets

                • Flannel Pants and Flannel Shirts

                • Long Night Dresses

                • Maternity Sleepwear

                • Pyjamas and Pyjama Sets

                • Shirt Cotton Nighties

              Bali Hat Manufacturer

              The perfect hat can cap off any collection (pun intended). Whether you’re going to a baseball game, or fishing, or just want that cool streetwear style, we got you, or your head, covered.

              We design and manufacture:

                • Beanies made of fabric (not knit)
                • Bucket hats
                • Beach hats

                  Bali Socks Manufacturer

                  Besides the above listed clothing CM Garmindo makes, we’re also Bali’s only Socks Manufacturer. It takes a special type of machinery, and specific expert know-how, to manufacture socks. And CM Garmindo is at expert level sock making.

                  We design and manufacture:

                      • Active Socks

                      • Ankle Length Socks

                      • Baby Socks

                      • Calf Length Socks

                      • Crew Length Socks

                      • Gym Socks

                      • Kids Socks

                      • Knee Length Socks

                      • Mid-Calf Length Socks

                      • Quarter Length Socks

                      • Soccer Socks

                      • Sports Socks

                      • Work Socks

                    Wow that’s a lot of clothes!

                    It can be said that the clothing CM Garmindo makes serves a wide variety of fashion brands.

                    But why don’t we post examples of all the clothing CM Garmindo makes?

                    In one word. Privacy.

                    CM Garmindo is Fair Trade. We sign NDAs / NNNs with nearly every brand we work with. And most of our clients don’t want us to post about their clothing or show what they’re up to in our social media.

                    And we respect their wishes.

                    The best thing to do is follow our social media accounts to see the examples we’re permitted to post. Here’s the links:

                      If you’d like to work with Bali’s top ethical clothing and swimwear manufacture, give us a call. We’d love to help you.

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