Best Apparel Manufacturing Companies

We understand all too well how daunting it can seem to find the best apparel manufacturing companies for your clothing brand. This short post will hopefully help anyone looking for their next clothing manufacturing partner.

Apparel Manufacturing Companies: A Distinction

Because garment manufacturers come in various types of business models, you need an approach strategy. The first thing you to need to do before you approach any clothing manufacturing companies is to already know which garments are in your collection, and what YOUR needs are.

There’s no point sending a cloth manufacturer an enquiry about evening dresses if their garment productions are only geared for swimwear.

Additionally, some clothing manufacturers are wholesale producers while others like CM Garmindo are custom garment manufacturers. We don’t work the same way.

As a result, this post will look at how CM Gamirndo works and why our company’s protocols/processes makes us one of the best apparel manufacturing companies in Indonesia.


When you’re searching for clothing manufacturers, it’s best to only connect with companies that work in the Fair Trade business model. This means that:

  • All employees are paid fair livable wages, not minimum wage.
  • They pay their workers a monthly salary and not per piece. Per piece work always ends in lower wages and overworking.
  • They provide government benefits, training and upward mobility, proper holidays (our company starts at 25 days per year).
  • And it’s imperative that your garment manufacturer provides a safe and healthy working environment for all employees.
  • The company actively improves its impact on the environment, both physical and societal.
  • And they must ensure their operations increases economic opportunities for their communities.

See CM Garmindo’s Ethical Standards on this page.

Structured Processes, Dedicated Teams, Clear Communication:

One would think that all clothing manufacturing companies would have this figured out by now but there are so many manufacturers that aren’t even focusing on these factors. The best apparel manufacturing companies excel at these.

As a Canadian garment manufacturer, the core of our business revolves around providing premium quality products and services. We have numerous SOPs, protocols, integrated teams, and tracking systems. Importantly, we use all modern technology to keep our clients and our teams in tranpsarent communication.

If you’re finding cloth manufacturers and they don’t respond to your enquiry quickly, or they provide very little information with no consultation, and if they ask for a deposit on a bulk production before they make samples for you, these are all red flags.

Modern Machinery, Broad Fabric Dyeing/Printing Capabilities, Extensive Sourcing:

There are some garment producers that only print tShirts using rotary printers or they won’t provide sourcing for you or they use very old machines that can contaminate your clothing by leaking oils.

Because machinery is crucial to quality clothing, look for manufacturers that show their modern machinery on their websites. They should show photos/videos of their work in action, proof they’re the ones doing the fabric dyeing/printing. Anyone can make a claim but you need to see it with your own eyes.

Check out our modern machines and examples of our work on the CM Garmindo Instagram channel.

At CM Garmindo, we import/source over 1,000 different fabrics throughout each calendar year. And our textile manufacturers produce over 18,000 different fabrics. This is key to the success of our clients, we can get almost any fabric they need.

Conclusion: How Do You Find Great Apparel Manufacturing Companies?

  • Make sure the garment manufacturer you want to work with has a Fair Trade business model and provides their employees with an excellent working environment.
  • Make sure your clothing manufacturer has transparent and robust operational protocols with fast communication.
  • Make sure they are modern, have modern sewing machines, modern fabric dyeing and printing capabilities, and can import/source all of your fabrics and components for you.

Good luck in your search. If you feel that CM Garmindo is the right apparel manufacturing company for your brand, send us a detailed message, we’d love to assist you.

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