Best Baby Clothing Manufacturers

We know how daunting it can seem when trying to find the best baby clothing manufacturers for your brand. There are literally thousands of baby apparel manufacturers around the world.

Most are wholesale baby cloth manufacturers which are not like quality custom baby garment manufacturers. And more often than we’d like to admit it, a lot of these manufacturers are not ethical or even formal legal entities.

But at CM Garmindo, we’re changing this narrative.

Our focus is not about increasing quantity. Our quantities are regularly lauded as being the lowest in the industry at only 60 pieces total; even though our company can manufacture up to 800,000 pieces per month.

Check out our MOQ (minimum order quantity) on this page.

As one of the best baby clothing manufacturers in Indonesia and within our sector, we focus on achieving quality through our fabrics, our machinery, and our people.

How to Find the Best Baby Clothing Manufacturers

The sheer number of search results on Google can be overwhelming because you can’t actually know which manufacturers are good and which manufacturers just look good. Even those gold star Google ratings are being faked by sock-puppet accounts which are owned by the factories.

These days you can forget about any clothing manufacturer that only uses social media without a proper corporate website. You can also delete those factories that make terrible websites with stock images; this is just fake.

If you find a factory that only uses WhatsApp or has a generic Gmail account for communication, then it’s an immediate red flag that they’re not going to provide the level of communication you need. These free chat apps don’t work to transmit the level of information needed for quality consultative service.

There are also differences in the way businesses operate from one country to the next due to regulatory environments.

For example, across the developing world, there are millions of “informal businesses”. These are not actually registered companies, they’re not paying taxes into their economy, and they don’t follow any globally recognised standards protocols.

Are you really willing to risk working with people who aren’t legally binding companies?

Additionally, fabrics which are available in one region are rarely available elsewhere. At CM Garmindo, we have an import license, we import and source thousands of quality baby clothing fabrics from certified textile manufacturers around the world.

Whereas other factories and informal businesses buy thjeir fabrics from local markets or stores. Are they being honest with you about the quality and source of their fabrics?

Let’s think about it.

A company that doesn’t spend time on their online presence, who only uses free social media platforms, and free chat apps, isn’t going to spend any attention on the details of their business such as client communications, employee development initiatives, high quality machinery, high quality materials and dyes, ethical operating standards, etc.

Would you really trust your money to a business that doesn’t allocate resources to proper corporate standards or proper tools?

So what does the average person need to do to find the best baby clothing manufacturers around the world?

Look for photos like ours on social media.

Start With Google, End With a Call

It may seem old school but the easiest way to find the best baby clothing manufacturers is to search on Google with specific keywords, create an Excel database of contacts you found, send an initial enquiry email to each manufacturer with everything you need, keep only those that reply within a reasonable timeframe, and then request a call.

You can gauge a lot from speaking to people.

At CM Garmindo, we prefer to arrange video conference calls so we can see our clients, and we can show clothing or fabrics examples. All it takes is 30 minutes and our clients get to know everything about our company, who we are as people, they get an inside look at our showroom, how we feel and our ethos, and they can make a well-informed decision right away.

We love showing our prospective clients the reality of what it’s like to work with our company, to work with our people. It’s part of our ethos to always be transparent. You can learn more about CM Garmindo’s transparency policy, our Mission and Vision statement, and our ethical standards on this page of our website.

We believe this is the mark of high quality custom baby apprel, and it’s what makes CM Garmindo one of the best baby clothing manufacturers in the world!

Follow the CM Garmindo Instagram account or slide over to our portfolio page to see examples of our work.

Baby Clothing Fabrics

It goes without saying that the most important decision babywear brands need to make is related to the fabrics for their baby apparel manufacturing. There are many questions that need to be considered before choosing the best baby garment fabrics for your brand.

  • Are you a sustainable baby clothing brand?
  • Do you want organic or recycled baby cloth fabrics?
  • Do you want to have flat or textured fabrics?
  • Do you need to dye or print on the fabrics?
  • Do you want your baby clothing fabrics to be more or less compressive or breathable?
  • Does your baby apparel fabric need chlorine or oil resistance?
  • What is the correct budget to balance quality and sustainability?

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