Best Custom Made Swimwear

As Indonesia’s best custom made swimwear manufacturer, at CM Garmindo we have decades of experience designing and manufacturing export quality swimwear including custom made bikinis, board shorts, surfwear, custom made swimsuits, and more.

Consistently being the best custom made swimwear factory in a region means our focus is not about quantity, rather, it’s about quality.

What Makes CM Garmindo The Best Custom Made Swimwear Manufacturer?

At CM Garmindo, we focus on the 3 P’s. The People, the Place, and the Products. You can learn more about our ethical standards on this page of our website.

It’s obvious from our online presence that our People and Place are taken good care of by our Fair Trade policies. But what makes our company the best custom made swiwmear manufacturer?

Short Answer: It’s how we make our Products.

Longer Answer: The true mark of high quality custom made swimwear is the fabrics that are used, the types of machines used in making the swimwear, and the skill level of the people making the swimwear.

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Swimwear Fabrics

Without question, the most important decision swimwear brands need to make is related to the fabrics for their swimwear manufacturing. There are many questions that need to be considered before choosing the best swimwear fabrics for your brand.

  • Are you a sustainable swimwear brand?
  • Do you want recycled swimwear fabrics?
  • Do you want to have flat or textured swimwear fabrics?
  • Do you need to dye or print on the fabric?
  • Do you want your swiwmear fabric to be more or less compressive?
  • Does your swimwear fabric need chlorine or oil resistance?
  • What is the correct budget to balance quality and sustainability?

Swimwear Sewing Machines

The key to making the best custom made swimwear is to utilise high-tech automated sewing machines. These industrial sewing machines are top of the line programmable sewing machines that increase speed of production while reducing human errors.

CM Garmindo is the best custom made swiwmear manufacturer in Bali because we’re the only swimwear manufacturer on the island that uses JUKI® Smart Solutions programmable sewing machines. They are absolutely brilliant!

They automatically adjust their settings for thread tension, speed, foot pressure, and more. And our teams love them!

Check out a few photos of our swimwear sewing machines.

Quality Swimwear by Skilled Employees

After all is said and done, if it wasn’t for our skilled employees, CM Garmindo wouldn’t be Indonesia’s best custom made swimwear manufacturer.

As our management always says, “hire slow”. And true to form, our company scouts only the best and brightest technical designers, pattern makers, sample sewers, production sewers, fabric cutters, quality controllers, and utitlises the most modern tools in our industry to provide unmatched quality swimwear.

Our teams pride themselves on attention to detail, consistency, and speed. This is why we’d rather slowly hire the best people for the role.

If you’re looking for the best custom made swiwmear manufacturer, send us a message from our Contact Us page. Remember to come prepared, we want to see your collection, and hear your ideas. Chat soon!

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