Swimwear Fabric Manufacturers

We often receive enquiries about swimwear fabric manufacturers, or bikni and swimsuit fabric manufacturers. But what clients later realise is, the type of company they’re looking for isn’t what they think it is. We’ve highlighted a couple of differences in this post.

Swimwear Fabric Manufacturers: Lost in Translation

Many swimwear start-ups first find us on Google by searching for the incorrect terms. They start by searching online for the fabric companies, but what they should actually be looking for are swimwear manufacturers.

We feel this is a result of misunderstanding how the clothing manufacturing industry works. In this post, we hope to highlight some realities for you. Following this post, let us know if you have questions about any of how this works.


Let’s start at the beginning, shall we. Are you wanting to only buy fabrics, or are you wanting to make swimwear?

If you search for “fabric manufacturers” on Google, you’re going to come across “textile” manufacturers, or you’ll see ads from companies like ours. If you’re looking for fabrics suppliers, then this is the correct search criteria.

In our experience, in all cases, it’s swimwear brands looking for swimwear manufacturing companies.

Generally speaking, a textile manufacturer is a large-scale factory that creates, farms, or sources raw materials, then turns these into yarns, then knits or weaves these yarns into fabrics. Some textile manufacturers source yarns from a producer and only make the fabrics.

In many cases, these are such big companies that either they’ll only work with clothing manufacturers, or their MOQs will be too high for small brands to work with.

This is why you need a swimwear manufacturer that has an import license, like CM Garmindo!

To give you an example:

  • Econyl® is the brand name for a recycled yarn made from post-consumer and post-industrial waste.
  • Carvico & Jersey Lomellina is the name of a textile manufacturing company that makes swimwear fabric from blending Ecoynl® and other yarns.
  • Thus, Carvico is the swimwear fabric manufacturer.

If you’re looking for a company to make your swiwmear (not just the fabrics), then you need a company like ours. At CM Garmindo, we import our fabrics from Carvico to make your swimwear.

Still Searching For Fabrics Only?

If this is in fact your requirement, then it’s important to note a few things:

  • Many swimwear fabric manufacturers don’t work directly with brands, instead, choose to work only with swimwear manufacturers like CM Garmindo.
  • Many recycled fabric clothing manufacturers like CM Garmindo will only import, source, dye, embroider, print, or treat fabrics for you if you’re producing your swimwear with us; this is rarely offered as a standalone service.
  • Textile manufacturers often have high MOQs, although some are reasonably low. MOQs could start from one bolt of fabric (55m to 80m), or could be 3,000m per colour if it’s custom making fabrics from scratch.
  • Ordering from existing stock is generally fast but custom making swimwear fabrics can take anywhere from 3 to 8 months depending on the R&D, complexity, raw materials sourcing, testing, etc.

If you’re searching for an ethical swimwear manufacturer that has an import license and can source thousands of swimwear fabrics, including recycled swimwear fabrics, we can help you. Let us know if you need any assistance. We’d love to help!

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