How to Measure A Garment

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Ever wanted to replicate the cut and fit of a garment but didn’t know which measurements to give your overseas manufacturer?

In this episode, we show you exactly how and where to measure each feature and seam on 4 garment types:

✓ Swimsuit at 0:38;

✓ Swim Short at 4:26;

✓ Sweatshirt at 8:16;

✓ and a Girl’s Dress at 12:42.

The basic principle of measuring a garment is the same regardless what the garment is.

Every feature and seam on a garment has a length or dimension. These are called the Points of Measure or POMs.

If you really want a manufacturer to be able to replicate the exact cut and fit of your favourite garments, make sure to be thorough and detailed.

Don’t make manufacturers guess. Measure everything! 📐

In fashion retail, you want to get to market quickly and not get stuck in endless alterations and sampling rounds. When you’re accurate with your POMs, it will be easier and faster for us to replicate your garments’ cut.

Have fun measuring!


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