What Are CAD Patterns in Clothing Manufacturing

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In clothing manufacturing, the word “pattern” is used interchangeably to mean two different things, which can be confusing.

In this episode, we define what CAD patterns are and how they’re used in clothing manufacturing. Our example is a bikini bottom.

What is a CAD pattern?

👩‍🏫 CAD stands for Computer Aided Design. We use computer software to draw panels of clothing, so that we can cut fabric into the panel shapes, and then sew them together to make clothing.

🔄 What is the other use of the word “pattern”? What we’re NOT talking about in this video is the “surface patterns” or “surface designs” which is the designs we embroider or print on to the fabric.

🧩 Why do we need CAD patterns?

Without CAD patterns, we can’t know what shapes to cut the fabric panels into or how big they’re supposed to be.

Who designs CAD patterns?

👩‍🏫 A Technical Designer is the person who uses 3D software (ex: CLO3D, Optitex, Gerber, Lectra, etc.). Excelsior!

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