Don’t Hire A Designer Yet: Know The Different Types First

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You’ve got your logo, you reach out to garment manufacturers, and you’re told the information you have is not sufficient.

What went wrong?

Perhaps, it’s the type of Designer you worked with.

Not all Designers know how the garment manufacturing process works or what manufacturers need *cough Graphics Designers cough*.

Knowing the different types of Designers that work in clothing manufacturing will help you find the right people which will save you money and time.

The Designer you work with should already understand:

✓ the garments themselves;

✓ about the fabrics and the drape on the body;

✓ how features, seams, prints, components, trims affect the garments;

✓ what happens to the fabric when your garments are being made;

✓ and very importantly, how to work with manufacturers and know what we need, when we need it.

The Type of Design You Should Look For:

👩‍🏫 A Technical Designer is the person who is most experienced in taking your ideas, and turning them into a language us manufacturers understand. They can sketch out your garments, design the Tech Packs, design the CADs, and oversee the sampling process.

The more you know about which types of Designers work in the clothing manufacturing industry, the sooner you can learn who to hire and what manufacturers need from you to get started fast.


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