STOP! Don’t Contact Manufacturers. Yet.

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Contacting manufacturers without getting your collection organised is like trying to play hockey without skates 🤷‍♂️

Before you contact manufacturers about your new fashion collection, here’s a checklist that you should go throughy to prepare yourself:

✅ Image examples of the clothing you want to design / manufacture;

✅ List of types of fabrics you want to explore;

✅ A colour palette for your fabrics if you want solid coloured garments;

✅ Graphics designs for your surface designs (embroidery or printing);

✅ Image examples of Labels and Tags designs;

✅ Your estimated quantities. This greatly affects your costs.

If you don’t have these already in place before contacting manufacturers, you won’t be able to receive accurate information. Or accurate costs.

Actually. Serious manufacturers might not even reply to you because they’ll think you’re not ready to discuss things yet. That you’re just price shopping.

Watch this video to learn more about what you need to prepare before you contact clothing manufacturers.

Excelsior! 📺

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